Coderunner Cloud is a Moodle Learning Management System setup by the Universtiy of Auckland's School of Computer Science. It is intended for courses that requires online activities for students (quizes, assignments and exams).

Coderunner Cloud uses a Moodle plugin called CodeRunner. It was developed and still currently maitained by Richard Lobb from Canterbury University. The combination of Moodle and CodeRunner can automate some of the assignments related to programming. It can be used for teaching Python, Java and C programming languages. We have added capabilities that make the system suitable for more advanced topics such as computer vision and graphics. Students can work with on-line exercises with the Moodle learning system. Their submissions are graded by running a series of test cases of the code in a sandbox, comparing the output with the expected output. CodeRunner is intended to be run in an adaptive mode, so that students know immediately if their code is passing the tests.

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